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Fastbraces at New Smiles StudioKeeping your smile looking great is almost as important as keeping it healthy and strong! To ensure that your teeth look their best—and that, by extension, you also look your best and keep turning heads – you should consider visiting us so that we can help you determine how best to achieve the kind of smile you love. At New Smiles Studio, we understand that sometimes you want a perfect smile today, and you don’t necessarily want to spend years with braces. This is where Fastbraces® come into play. We are happy to offer our Fastbraces® to our clients to help them find the smiles of which they are dreaming.

What are braces?

When it comes to your teeth, you might be surprised at all of the things that can go wrong with them. Or, to be more specific, you might find yourself surprised at the various kinds of things that can happen with your bite that can have a big impact on how your teeth function and look. Sometimes we develop things like over or underbites, for example, which can significantly change the way in which our smiles look. Eventually, these issues can affect our jaws. When a bite misalignment turns to a jaw issue, you are looking at issues that can impact your appearance in negative ways. Braces, then, are an orthodontic tool that can help adjust misaligned jaws and malocclusions.

The bad thing about braces is that, traditionally, they have taken a very long time to work. Sometimes you might even have to wear them for years before the issues can be fixed—and that’s just a bit too long for our taste. This is especially true if you are an adult attempting to correct old issues and would prefer not to be stuck with big, bulky braces every day at work for years.

What are fast braces?

Fastbraces® are modern dentistry’s answer to traditional braces. These braces fit on your teeth better than traditional braces, and many of them don’t even have to be tightened in order to work. The best part, however, is just how quickly Fastbraces® can fix your smile and leave you a happy customer. Whereas traditional braces, as mentioned above, can take years to work, Fastbraces® are much more efficient. They can work in as little as three months, depending upon the issue in question.

Another benefit of Fastbraces® is that they are easier to clean and wear than traditional braces. They fit on your teeth better, and some of them are even clear! This helps them blend into your teeth far more effortlessly than traditional braces tend to do. Fastbraces® are truly a great option for individuals looking to enhance their smile without investing a lot of their time into the effort.

For more information about fast braces and how they can help you, give us a call today 818-308-6024!

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